” Encounter”, Finalist at the 2008 Beeijing Olympic Landscape Sculpture Competition, 
     As a Belgian sculptor, living in Israel, I have been selected, together with 2 other Israeli artists, to be part of the “2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design Contest”.Indeed, as a preparation for the Olympic Games of 2008, the Chinese opened a contest around the world, asking for sculptors to propose work to be presented at the occasion of the O.G., which would concretize the brotherhood amongst the Nations, peace, friendship, and which would illustrate the Excellency of sports and of reaching summits, through Art Works.

After the examination and approval of the 17 international judges from China, Britain, United States, Italy, Germany, Austria and South Chorea, 386 pieces of designs where selected, out of 2433 pieces sent from 82 countries around the world.

My sculpture:”ENCOUNTER” is one of the 5 finalists from Israel.

It was exhibited in a traveling exhibition around cities in China, in Embassies and Museums around the world, as part of the Olympic Project, and will as such represent Israel as one of the participating countries